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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007
3:33 pm
AKVIS Noise Buster

I believe all who use digital camera faced the problem of digit noise. Even the newest models are not the quarantee that the picture will be free of noise. There are tools that help to remove noise but removing noise some details can be lost.

As a solution to this problem i choose AKVIS Noise Buster that removes noise but saves details and image sharpness. Noise Buster removes heterogeneous color spots on image, neutralizes noises from matrix of digit camera.

Here is a review for AKVIS Noise Buster

12:41 pm
WARNING: Rogue Diallers

Rogue Diallers can be placed on your computer and disconnect you and dial a premium-rate phone number instead. These nasty pieces of software make you think that you're connected to the internet as usual while you are not! In fact you're running up mammoth telephone bills on your account.

They do it so quiet that you can't notice them!!!!

10:07 am
Punishment for spammer
Some spammers are really worth such punishment.

A US man faces 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to sending spam to more than 1.2 million subscribers of America Online (AOL).

Adam Vitale was caught making a deal to send spam emails advertising a computer security program in return for 50 per cent of the profits.

According to prosecutors, Vitale defeated AOL’s spam filter system by using several different computer servers to relay the emails and changed the header information to ensure the messages could not be traced back to them.

The pair were said to have 40 different servers to send spam from and made $40,000 (£20,000) a month from other spam emails promoting stocks.

The emails were sent to more than 1.2 million AOL subscribers in less than a week. Vitale will be sentenced on 13 September.

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